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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Other stuff

that has been happening this week - my car broke. I'd driven to Schiphol and back on Saturday evening with no problems that I was aware of but when we were leaving to take poor Genghis, and got into the car, there was a horrendous grinding noise going on at the front of the car. It was impossible to drive Sooty so we had to ask our neighbour to take us instead (thanks for that!) and yesterday I called the ANWB in for a diagnosis. Transpired that my front shock absorber was shot to pieces and the spring had collapsed. Several expletives later and poor Sooty was towed off to the garage for repair.  I have to say Ford did a splendid job, but my already non-existent bank balance took yet another severe plunge downwards so are we happy????! Since a car is indispensable one has no choice but to get the job done, but it is never a welcome expense. "Least said soonest mended" so suffice to say we are mobile again and keeping everything crossed that it remains that way.

Did you enjoy Pancakes last night like me and Tim? I was really pleased with them this year as I think I got my recipe right finally. I like using two eggs as I think it makes a better batter but I suppose most people have their own preferences after years of making them. We keep it simple with lemon juice and sugar and golden syrup (Tim). Yum.
Sue xx

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