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Monday, 27 February 2012

Birthday Tea

was lovely yesterday, thanks. I do so enjoy having friends come together for an occasion even though it is a bit of work preparing for it. I of course made too many things, but hey, we can eat off the leftovers for several days to come! I did hand out doggy bags too! Some things were not even touched so I have no need to worry about desserts tomorrow as they are already made and ready to go!
Lovely presents too so thank you very much for those. It's my birthday tomorrow actually so just one more youthful day before skipping into another pair of numbers..........

This morning was once again a disaster as regards Sooty. Tim and I had got Finka into her basket to go to the vets - turned the key in the car and no power. Nothing! The battery was dead. I cannot believe that this can happen twice on consecutive Mondays with a cat and an appointment at the vets!!!Luckily for us our neighbour across the road was home and had jump leads so we got going fairly quickly, but my worry now is that I am going to have to buy a new battery if I want to have a car that runs when I get home from Deal! Surely I have had enough problems to last several years already???? I really don't need any more, if you are listening up there.
Sue xx

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