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Sunday, 12 February 2012


very cold. It's been trying to snow a little this morning but nothing more since then. I spoke with Tim early doors too and he is off to Ikea today! Well, I suppose one would if one was in Sweden.......he cannot resist their meatballs!! He seems to be making more of his time there now and going into town etc and actually finding out that it is quite a nice place! He said he is glad he chose to go there but wished more of his classmates had also wanted to do it so that they were with more people. Anyway just 6 more days and he will be home. It has gone quickly I think.
Braving the cold today and going to do more wallpaper stripping. Has to be done! I have got the rad on in there as otherwise it would be purgatory! I've just been downloading some new music onto the computer and making some CD's. I don't think I can bear Steve Wright this morning as it will be all the Valentine's Lovesongs and messages, and I don't feel like listening today. So it will be something more stirring I guess!
Jackie sent me the whole of series 2 Downton Abbey plus Christmas Special and for the last two days I have been glued to the computer watching them all. Wonderful. I really enjoyed my fest!!!
So, stirring music on; wallpaper here I come!!
Sue xx

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