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Friday, 10 February 2012

So true................

the daily quote that "Nothing has more strength than dire necessity". Euripides is so true. By necessity I live a frugal life. By necessity I part with things that are really precious to me but need to be sacrificed for our good. By necessity I give up doing things I love. And so on. However, living with dire necessity makes you realise that you can do it. Its all about acceptance.
I happened to read my horoscope in the local paper at work yesterday and it was all about how my struggle with work and trying to find some would come to an end and that it would be such a relief for me..........unfortunately it didn't give me a timeframe!!! And I do know that I constantly hold myself in all the time, analysing what we need and what we want and differentiating between the two. I have forgotten what it feels like to just buy what we want without worrying about it.
I suppose I am saying all this because yesterday someone at work made a comment to me that was in really bad taste given our circumstances. I did not appreciate the 'humour', shall we say? Usually I take it all in my stride and I never retort back and show how I really feel about it, but yesterday I did. Felt sort of good!!!!
Sue xx

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