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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Already February?!

I suppose it is! And an extra day this year means my birthday doesn't fall on the last day for a change. I wasn't born in Leap Year so I genuinely am a 28th birthday girl. I always look forward to my birthday as an opportunity to invite friends here and enjoy everyone's company all at the same time! Not having any family over here I do not have to follow the typical day that many Dutch households take on board. It doesn't make any sense to me really, and not having grown up here, the traditions and greetings remain an anathema I'm afraid. Though what I really believe is that one should do what makes one the most happy so everything goes!
We are doing two things this year. Firstly we are cooking dinner together as a family one evening, and then I am hosting a High Tea Party on Sunday 26th February. Which is why I am starting the baking now!
So far I have made some gorgeous coffee meringue whirls and some plain ones that I plan to dip in chocolate and fill with a strawberry cream, and just now, the cheese and chives savoury scones. Delicious!!
I am keeping everything to a mini size so that it is dainty morsels rather than great chunks of cake etc and people can have a munch on everything I hope. The kitchen smells so good right now that I have come out of it so I can resist temptation!!!

Finka is behaving very naughtily at the moment. I think she is missing her playtime with Tim as she charges around the sitting room springing effortlessly over chairs and tables, plants and photo frames and landing anywhere and everywhere. She flings mousey in the air and brings him for me to throw again and again. She is chewing the blind rope so I have had to tie it up out of her reach. Genghis is appalled by her behaviour! He gives her the odd bat if she starts to attack him: she leans out of their hangmat on the radiator and stretches her front paw out towards him like a snake, and then strikes when he is not looking her way! It gives her immense pleasure I suspect. The poor boy has resorted to sitting on my lap as the evening wears on in order to protect himself. She will be glad to have Tim back to play with her.
Sue xx

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