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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Three more days

before Tim gets home! I suppose I am really looking forward to seeing him again although the time has passed very quickly for us all. I've started telling Finka her friend will be back soon to play with her!!
Funny how things can change in the space of 24 hours, isn't it? Just goes to prove that all we really have is the present moment, and nothing more. I've promised myself that I will finish cleaning his bedroom this morning but not until I have enjoyed a huge mug of skinny latte!! It is almost done but that last stretch with the broom under his bed still needs doing - and the dusting of bookshelves etc, oh boy. It makes me sneeze!
I haven't slept too well yet this week so feeling rather sluggish right now, and am telling myself it is only just after 9am so there is plenty of time yet!

I sometimes watch 'Dinner Date' if I am in the mood, on Net 5. I enjoy people watching more than the menus but sometimes you see something you would like to cook or bake yourself. And it is interesting which puddings or starters or mains are the most favourite choices amongst us Brits. Scallops pop up practically every week as a starter, cooked one way or another, and I have never even tasted one ( yet!)
I know some of my family really do love them, but they are the fish lovers amongst us. Popular desserts are Eton Mess (crushed meringues with strawbs and cream) and cheesecakes and chocolate souffles or pots. I blame Masterchef for this surge in scallops and meringues! Almost every contestant produces one of these recipes at some stage in their competition, so are we being sub-consciously steered towards cooking like John and Greg?!! Or is a good thing that we are simply being made aware of these foods and encouraged to try our hand at cooking them? At the moment we are contemplating the menu for my birthday dinner. It's just for us three so we are all trying to choose our favourite dishes but still playing to our strengths when it comes to the actual cooking. It's a sort of given that I will make the dessert!!! And I am known for being a not so good meat eater as in "I only like Chicken or Turkey" so that narrows the choice down rather. No dinner date could tempt me with a steak!!!!! Still two weeks to make a final decision but its fun browsing the many cookery books we possess in the meantime . . . .
What would you choose for a special three course dinner I wonder?
Sue xx

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