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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Home again!

Tim arrives home this evening so just getting the last things done at home before setting off to meet him.
The three weeks have passed so quickly and we are so happy he has enjoyed a great time there. A jolly good experience for him in many ways I'm sure. I will be cooking us a nice dinner tomorrow to welcome him home - on the menu one of our favourite puddings; blackberry and apple crumble! I was sure I still had some blackberries in the freezer so just got to make it now. And Chicken - can't beat some Chicken!!
Once he has been home for a week it will be my turn to go away for a week! Just over to England to stay with my sister and mother and see them. And in between it'll be my birthday so I know the days will simply fly by. But more about that another day.
The snow has all disappeared here and it is warmer and wetter, but it sounds as though winter is not finished with us yet. Just hope it stays away til I am home again!
Not an exciting or very interesting post but I suppose you could say I have other things on my mind and my mood is not really that chatty.
Have a good weekend.
Sue xx

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