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Monday, 6 February 2012

The weekend

We watched this film on Friday and still love this particular piece being performed by Grimethorpe Colliery Band. Goosebumps!!!

I also watched Bomber Boys last night on BBC 1 which was excellent. Listening to Chris Evans talking about it this morning, I know I am not alone in thinking that this was the BBC at its finest. Ewan McGregor and his brother, an ex- Airforce pilot and now commercial pilot were taking a look at Bomber Command and how it turned the events of the Second World War by winning it in the air. They talked with survivors of the bombing raids as well as visiting cities here and in Germany that were devastated by the area and later target bombing raids. Footage from the war was moving to say the least, but the 'star' of the   programme was the Lancaster Bomber - the last remaining one in Great Britain and one of two in the whole world. Ewan's brother was going to fly her and this was at the end of a memorable 90 minutes of fantastic television. I'm glad I made the effort to stay awake long enough to watch it. Perhaps it will be repeated...................

This morning I think it is time I started on the wallpaper, one wall at a time! I feel angry inside and not in a good mood for one reason or another so I think it is perfect for attacking a wall!!! Don't you?
Sue xx

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