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Friday, 3 February 2012

First real snow of the winter!

Back garden this afternoon.

The front.

After sweeping a path from the kitchen to the shed!

This is how much fell!!!
So I woke up to a white world this morning as the forecasted snow hit north holland running! We were told to expect it and it didn't disappoint! It is incredibly powdery stuff though so shovelling up was easy actually. I did it with my broom! I must thank our lovely neighbour Hans from the end house who gallantly went out and cleared all along our pavement AND all our front paths which is so appreciated by us. I did it later on when I went out to put grit on our front path as it is everyones responsibility for the safety of anyone using it. Don't want any accidents do we?! Finka is fascinated and sits on the window sill sneaking a look outside from under the blind. She didn't like it when the tractors and the gritters went by however, though they too are most welcome as our roads are all clear now. It looks so pretty but it caused havoc for the country today as rail and road became utter chaos. So many accidents on the roads, I was glad I have nowhere to be and nowhere was more perfect than at home.

It is 15 years today since my dad passed away. I always remember it quietly, and it never seems possible that it was so long ago. Never forgotten, dad.
Sue xx

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