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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A terrible week so far

I'm afraid to say. I heard yesterday that someone I've known all my life and last saw one year ago, died on Sunday. Such a tragedy for his young family and so quickly. The last time we met he was getting all dressed up for a fancy dress party, which he and his wife were going to, and we helped with their make-up and clothes etc and my daughter looked after his small children, keeping them entertained etc. And now in such a short space of time, he has left us. So rest in peace, Pete. Our thoughts are with your whole family.

I have made an appointment for the cats on Monday, at our vets. I think it is time that Genghis was looked at and a decision made. A prospect that makes me cry every day, and feel so very sad, but we have to do what is in his best interest at the end of the day. He comes to sit on my lap every night, and he weighs less than a feather. His weight loss is dramatic now, and although he seems ok in himself, I think it must be taking its toll on him by now. He is such a dear and beloved old friend, and I cannot bear it. It is making everything else sad too. I am waiting for Tim to come home as this is something we all have to decide together as a family.

I know it is Valentine's Day and I wish everyone love and peace and all the happiness they can find.
True love never dies. Trust me on this one!!
Sue xx

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