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Friday, 24 February 2012


is struggling to cope without Genghis, especially when it comes to sleeping in her bed. She has always sat on top of Genghis or wrapped her paws around him getting as close as possible to him. Now she has too much room and it feels odd for her. She has been sleeping cuddled up to me on the settee when I am down in the living room and I have been spending more time there for her this week. I tried putting a teddy in her bed but she thought that was too strange. Yesterday I came up with the idea of putting her red blanket in the bed so that she could cuddle up to something warm. Oh yes, that pleased madam!! She promptly wriggled her way under the blanket and went to sleep under the layers of soft wool. And there she stayed!!
I think she feels safe under it, and given that she always hides under blanket or bedding  whenever she has the opportunity, I think this is going to help her settle. During the night she does seem to have been under the rug on the settee as well, but that's fine. So long as she is happy.
Sue xx

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