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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Still as cold

here this morning but the wind is making it feel harsh out there. So I am drinking a huge skinny latte before venturing out in the cold. I have an appointment with a job agency so wondering whether that might lead to something for me............ Yesterday I talked with a manager within our organisation and she was lovely. I really appreciated her style and openness and what she is trying to achieve with her team, and although there are no current vacancies I hope getting to know me was worthwhile for us both. Maybe in a few months there might be some shuffling around in her teams so you never know. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as the saying goes.
Poor old Genghis seems to be losing weight again despite eating and drinking ok. He is not showing signs of misery or pain or any changes in his behaviour so I think it is just a slow decline into old age. Once Tim is home we will take them both to the vets and see what she thinks. I am loving that he comes to sit on my knee each evening, even though for once in his life he is as light as a feather! Finka looks positively chunky by comparison!!!!!
Well, almost time to get ready and go. Wish me luck!
Sue xx

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