Les Mis Trailer

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A must see for the spring!

Becci mentioned she wants to go and see this new movie and recommended I watch the trailer; I recommend you do too!! It is brilliant! The cast is impeccable. The humour totally English. The story fantastic. The scenery outstanding. And the story is touching and emotional. Wow. Can't wait!! I will be queuing up at the door! I'll definitely be asking Ann if she will see it with me!

I want to see War Horse but I simply know that I will be in floods of tears from the moment the music starts to when I leave my seat for home. Best wait for that one to come out on DVD so I can be looked after whilst I cry...............

It was-12C this morning and supposedly the coldest day of the week. I hope so because it is freezing! My hands are red when I wake up and I am showering in as hot water as I can bear!! Brr....roll on spring. Still, better be cold and snowy now so that it is all gone for my birthday. I hate it when people can't get here due to the weather! In Yorkshire one year it was so bad it was over the cars and piled up so deep by the back door I couldn't even get out without neighbours shovelling away the snow first. Those were the days................

My diet is going well. I seem to be able to forget about food this week but perhaps that is nervous energy and not a lack of interest. I have two appointments to do with work, starting this afternoon, and although I believe in myself, I have little faith that it will result in something changing in my work situation, that makes everything suddenly much better. So far I only have one days work this month, and that's not enough to live on really. Ah well, sure to be someone worse off than me somewhere, right?
Oddly enough in the film trailer the lad says that there is an Indian saying, which just happens to be my personal mantra too!!! " Everything will be alright in the end. If it's not alright, it's not the end." I need to believe that one!!!
Sue xx

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