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Sunday, 5 February 2012


No more snow as yet but pretty darn cold!! I want to take the car out today just to make sure the battery is fine and everything works as I have several trips to make this week.  I decided it was better not to go out last night as I am not a good driver in the dark, and the roads are not all that clean yet. So I stayed indoors apart from a walk around the block etc in the morning. The sun is out and there was no hard frost but still the snow has not melted by a fraction. We have more here than where Tim is in Sweden - and he says it is colder!! I've been amazed by some of the beautiful photos online of frozen waterfalls in The Lake District where I think my friend Jackie and her husband were going to yesterday for a weeks holiday. I am sure Trevor will take some super photos as he is heavily into photography. And with the stunning scenery there what could go amiss?

Here there are skaters finally out on the frozen sloots around the villages and everyone is able to enjoy the sport. I've never been any good at it which is a real shame as I would have loved to try ice dancing! I suppose I am of an age to have been inspired by Torvill & Dean and all they achieved, but it has moved on another level since their prime. It's great that shows on TV are stimulating a revival in popularity of ice skating and dancing; they are fantastic sports or hobbies and interests for young and old alike.
Talking of supporting and encouraging youngsters, Radio2 has just launched its 500 words short story competition for young children which was such a success last year. I love children's books. I love standing in a good bookstore browsing through them and if they make me giggle, then that is all good. My daughter found herself doing exactly the same the other day and I couldn't have been more proud. Despite her Dyslexia, I have never known anyone devour a book as fast as Becci can! She has an amazing memory for everything she reads and she is not afraid to tackle even the more difficult and complex books around. Ok, we may substitute 'rhubarb' for any words we cannot pronounce properly, but the gist of it is never lost. I bought so many for her when she was young, and we read them over and over again - some until they finally fell apart! Her favourite was " If I had a sheep" and Tim had the boys equivalent later on as well. I'm sure there are so many more new writers and books since they were young, so I am looking forward to one day getting to read all those as well. Keep our bookstores open and supported otherwise we will lose this precious commodity for ever. And when you can't go outside because you are poorly or the weather prevents you or you are down in the dumps or you are just wanting to escape a little reality for a while, there is no better friend than a GOOD BOOK.
Sue xx

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