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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Tim is going to Sweden in February for three weeks so today we took advantage of the sales and went to Alkmaar to search for a coat and some good shoes/boots for him. A coat? We looked everywhere but simply couldn't please the young man at all! Then we searched for a shop selling Timberlands because that was absolutely the one and only make he was prepared to contemplate. I suggested we go in all the different shoe shops since you can't tell unless you go in and ask, whether they sell them or not, but no, he knew better than me. Took so much longer! Finally we stumbled across exactly the same pair as he had at home but in the wrong colour and several years old, but not at the sale price. All the ones next to this pair were reduced. I refused. I suggested he try the other colours which were reduced. He preferred the first pair. Eventually the sales guy offered the pair Tim preferred at the same sale price and we all left the shop happy bunnies!!! We got some pyjamas as well, since I reckon he will be staying in a sort of youth hostel where he has to go down the corridor to the bathroom, therefore needs something to wear in the night.....he is convinced otherwise, but I feel sure he will be thanking me when he gets home!!! The coat did not happen. He has an idea in his head of what he is looking for - and we didn't see it. A chip off the old block(s) if ever there was one!!!!
A nice early lunch in our favourite cafe-bar and off to the vets for Finka's sedatives. She needs them for 31st December and the fireworks at midnight. Worked a treat last year. Whilst we were there I mentioned our concerns about Genghis to the assistant and I am just waiting to speak with our vet and decide how we can help him for the best. Its just this feeling I have about him..............
Sue xx

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