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Friday, 2 December 2011


we have made a start on the bookshelf unit around the doorway into the kitchen from the living room. I've been so patient for so long, and at last it is starting to look how I imagined it would! It was not as easy as we had thought, but we had a whole day to do it, and all I have left to do is sand, fill and paint! Couldn't resist getting some treasures up and out on top first however! I am delighted we decided to do it like this, don't want to even think about ever moving it, and am happy to see us making another step in the right direction as we build on our interior decorating plans. Still some way to go before downstairs is completely done, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Sunday has been designated Christmas Decorating Day by Tim. I think he wants to do it before I go away so that it looks christmassy for him and the cats in my absence. This means finding everything and the annual trauma of getting the tree lights out on the floor and testing them only to find one doesn't work.......and needing to buy a whole new set when the spare bulbs let us down as well!! I have decided to do the tiny bannister rail on the stairs this year too. I think it will be nice and welcoming when we enter the house even though it really is an insignificant length to decorate. We do have plenty of items to string up there so that is not the problem.  Just fixing it so that a certain small, furry lady doesn't think it is her personal entertainment centre!!!! All I need to do now is browse a little for some inspiration - which will include looking at Mr Holtz's 12 TAGS OF CHRISTMAS!!!!
Sue xx

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