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Friday, 16 December 2011

Paper Reindeers

tiny reindeer next  to my computer mouse!

Cute or what?!!
I still have to actually get dressed this morning but making this tiny paper reindeer for my forest came first on my list of priorities!! He really is tiny but not difficult to make. I copied the pattern from the Prima magazine if you want some too. I think you are supposed to enlarge the template but I need little tiny ones otherwise the trees will be out of proportion. So, now I have satisfied myself that I can make them, I will get dressed and take him downstairs to his spot in the trees and see how many more I need to complete the decoration!!
My plans this morning include making some fudge and since it is absolutely tipping it down outside, I am not going anywhere!
Sue xx

1 comment:

patty said...

These reindeers are very sweet, simple but effective and should look lovely with your festive display.