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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

All set!!

Hard to sleep last night with the anticipation of my early start this morning and flight to England!! And once I heard Tim's alarm blaring out at 4am there was not more shuteye for me! So I lay there a while before getting up and into the routine of morning. Cats seem to know I am disappearing for a few days. Finka was also awake and meowing to get my attention long before she normally surfaces. They are sitting on the bed wondering what happens now . . .

The weather both here and in the UK feels as though it is turning into winter and I can hear a strong wind blowing around the house. But it is dry at least! I tried both coats on to see which felt the warmest; selected my scarf; threw out the heavy jumper from my suitcase and was happy with the 16k load I am about to haul off to the airport! In less than half an hour my ride will be here, and I will head out into the blackness of the night - and the train station, along with all the other poor commuters!! I couldn't do this for a living that's for sure!!!!

Well, enjoy the week, be warm and happy. See you back here soon.
Sue xx

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