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Monday, 19 December 2011

Last week preparations

Just a teeny bit in love with my boots!!!
 Here are my wonderful boots that I bought at Trentham Gardens little shops! They are so comfortable, I could sleep in them!! They have even got me wearing dresses!!!

Ready for this years Christmas Menu to be typed and popped inside.
I made this a few years ago now, and we write/type the menu inside so that we have a record each year of what we have made. All adds to the decoration on the table!

Chocolate Fudge with a smidgen of Cointreau....yum.
This is my first attempt at making Fudge so I hope it tastes as good as it did when I poured it into the tin!!

Mince pies with a cake topping.
We still have a lot of pastry left over from Tim's batch at the weekend so I decided to add a sponge top to the last teaspoonfuls of the mincemeat I made myself, to try and make it last longer. Having tried one, I can vouch for their deliciousness!!!!

Well, it is the last week before Christmas and I am counting down the days and the tasks that I need to do during each one because it usually just seems to run away with itself each year. I have one or two more presents I'd like to find, and then it is the trip to the market and the shop to collect the Turkey etc. I don't do much pre-freezing as I prefer to do it all right at the end. It sort of makes Christmas Eve more special.

We went to see Sherlock Holmes last night and it was every bit as good as the first one. I'd also gone to visit a friend in Amsterdam during the afternoon and the drive there was not so nice! I went through every weather imaginable from bright, low sun, to ice and snow and hail!!! The sky was absolutely black in some patches and even some flashes of lightning appeared in the distance. Around Purmerend it was just a standstill as the snow came out of the blue and no-one was expecting it. Still, I did ok, and Sooty was wonderful and we made the trip safely.

I hope that you are all getting into the final countdown with peace and serenity and as little stress as possible! My thoughts are with Becci as she has a job interview tomorrow, and we are crossing everything for her. Tim is in the bakery all week so I am expecting a very tired lad by Saturday evening.
Me, a little bit of work this week, and the rest is coming along nicely.
Sue xx

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patty said...

I love your table menus and your cakes & fudge look fabulous.