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Friday, 30 December 2011

Dinner Party

This evening the usual suspects are coming round for dinner here. Tim will be enjoying his a tad early as it is his night for early to bed, early to rise, especially given that it is probably going to be a marathon one!!
Last night his baker came round with his special home-made garlic sauce for our Gourmet on Sunday, and 6 delicious Apple Beignets for us. We had a lengthy chat which was really nice, and there is also  a real chance of a job in the summer for Tim if all goes to plan. That would be fantastic!

This morning I went off early to get my hair cut - quite a shock after it being rather long and curly for a while now. It will grow back!! Then I have been slowly preparing parts of the meal so that I don't have to rush later on, and can enjoy it all free of stress. What are we eating?

Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Parsnips in Maple Syrup
Chardonney Carrots
New Potatoes
Cranberry and Orange Sauce
Garlic Bread
Strawberry Champagne Pannacotta
Black and Redberry Trifle
Warm Winter Fruits with Orange Chantilly Cream
Chocolate Rum Cake

It all sounds really good so if I cook everything perfectly then it will be a triumph!!! If not..........ah well, there's always next time!! I have never made a pannacotta before so I did a couple of tiny taster pots for me and Tim last night, and I was delighted with the result. The hard part will be getting it to pop out of the tin in one gorgeous go! The trifles are always fine, and the cake is my special, keep it in the freezer, one a year highly calorific dessert that we just lurve. As you can see, I prefer making puddings to mains but I am fairly safe with a chicken!!

It is a beautiful day here actually. The sun is a winter one so not warm but it does look inviting outside. Finka went for a little plod around in the back, but it was too cold for her I suspect. Genghis is eating better but still has an upset tummy so although I see signs of improvement, he still is not off the worried list.
Sue xx

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