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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

will it, won't it?

From frost and ice yesterday to more temperate degrees today! No wonder people get ill at this time of year! We wrap up warmly one day and strip off the layers the next; are you sneezing yet?

This morning its time for my foray into town. I don't often go...........my preference for the quiet life and a thrifty lifestyle keep me away..........but there are a couple of things I can only get from the larger stores there so I need to go. Early. When they are just opening. Before the crush. Avoiding long queues. In the quiet. Back before I am missed! Ok, I can do this!!!!

Not sure how the fudge turned out. It was a delicious, sticky, chocolaty, gooey, sweet splodge yesterday, not really resembling fudge that much but still gorgeous. And edible! Ah well............

I am loving the Chris Evans Show this week as he showcases all the different versions being sung or played of The Military Wives Song. It is so great how all the schools and choirs and bands and organisations are getting together and recording their own versions and sending them in to be played on the breakfast show. I had tears in my eyes listening yesterday. This morning he has a male voice choir singing carols - you know me, I love a good tune!!! Lets hope it makes the Christmas No One slot!

Right, time to get myself ready.
Sue xx

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