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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Morning market

Off out into the dark shortly as I want to get to the market early and be able to park the car!! Then its picking up our Turkey, and doing as much of the food shopping as possible today. Still no decision about our pudding so we have to think about that still, but for the rest we are satisfied with our choices.

There was reason to celebrate here last night but I will wait to elaborate until the good news has been shared elsewhere! But we are very, very happy!! Sometimes being happy for someone else is just as rewarding as if it were for yourself.

Tim was up and away in the early hours as he is anticipating a really busy day at work. He had made a delicious chocolate Tulband yesterday of which there was little left by the time I came home! I need to marzipan our cake today as well.....its so small I keep forgetting it is there! The fudge has set better now, so it is in chunks in the fridge, and still highly edible. Might make a present from it yet!

I am off in search of a cat hammock this morning as it is supposed to be their present! We had one last year but Finka practically shredded the fur on it so it is kinda bald in patches. They are pressed against the radiator on my stool right now, so I think they are hinting quite clearly that the hammock is better!
See what I can find......................
Sue xx

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