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Friday, 16 December 2011

Cat concerns

We have two Siamese cats, as you probably know by now!! Genghis is our elder statesman and is well into his fourteenth year. He is aging, and I am seeing that on a day to day basis now, sadly. He is sleeping most of the time - apart from here where he has settled himself next to the very warm radiator for the day! He is eating and drinking and not showing any signs of being poorly, although I have this worrying feeling at the back of my mind that all is not well. I have these dreams, premonitions, call them what you like, but it is making me very sad at times, because we love him so very, very much.
So I am giving him treats and taking his photo and allowing him to sleep where he likes ( when has he done otherwise?) and he is receiving all the love and attention we can bestow on him. We bought him home all those years ago, in Yorkshire, when he was just old enough to leave his mum, and he has travelled with us on our journeys ever since. He has always been Tim's best friend, and when he came home just now, the first thing I heard downstairs was him going to see Genghis, stroke him and say 'hello my Geng.' We are going to search in the attic shortly for the cat hammock so he can get even closer to the warmth of the radiator without burning himself!! It's hard, isn't it, when you sort of know you are approaching an ending........................I just hope it can be delayed as long as possible but at no cost to our beloved friend.
Sue xx

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