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Monday, 5 December 2011

confusion reigns!!

Sometimes it would be so nice to feel in control and to understand all the messages that pass between one's son and school regarding important information! I am trying to arrange his placement in Sweden and there are forms to complete, things to change in his study and flights to book etc. I like to do things when they arise, and not feel the stress of last minute annie and risk missing out on the financial side of this part of his study! But does he want to co-operate? Do I understand what we have to do and what school sets in motion? What changes need to be made to his insurances given that they all change on 1st January? Confusing and frustrating to say the least!! With going away for a few days, and Christmas almost on our doorstep, you understand my concern. So far, flights booked, now hoping that the other student books herself onto the same flights!! Arranged the cancellation insurance 'cos you never know . . . .but still have to change the health insurance and all kinds of stuff in the study/OV sites; I suppose my fear is that  I will do it wrongly; but so far Tim is happily moving forward in his oblivion not helping me to de-stress and relax about this at all.

Added to all this is the news that it is snowing in England! Of all days to start! I heard on the radio this morning that the passes were affected in Yorkshire, exactly where we used to live - so if we were still there we would be seeing the white stuff everywhere! I've checked and Birmingham ought to be snow-free all week...and so I am finally all packed and ready to go! What isn't in now, isn't going with me! I'm looking forward to soaking up a little Christmas atmosphere and getting in the mood. You too?
Sue xx

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