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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

De Driesprong Christmas Show

you can see me in the background taking this picture as we approached the display!!

Today I travelled to Zoetermeer to spend a few hours with my friend Ineke. It was great to see her and to  have chance to chat about all sorts of things that are of interest to us women! (Yes, we have no need to dwell on such issues as motorbikes)!!!! We went to De Driesprong Garden Centre for a mooch round and it was as lovely as ever. They really do a great show! Ineke and I were very restrained and only bought two items that, as she said, just jumped into our baskets all by themselves............and once I have made a little table decoration with mine, I will add that photo as well. Just a bit worried that Finka will think a little forest is just for her delight....
The weather held reasonably well and I was home before the heavens opened and it started to thunder etc. Tim said it had been bad all day here, but I drove home in the dry, and only had one hold up on the ring around Amsterdam due to an accident by the Coentunnel. I sat there for about 20 minutes but that was the only problem I encountered luckily. Though you do see some crazy drivers out there!!!
Here is a rather poorly lit photo of Ineke with her tree at home:
However it does have some nice Christmassy tones so I am not worried about the lack of David Baileyness in my artwork!!! (gosh, showing my age if he is whom I can reference here!!!)
Thank you so much Ineke, it was lovely to see you and next time when the days are longer we will have more time together. xx
Sue xx

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