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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Lunch

Today we are having our Christmas Lunch at work. It is blowing a gale outside and really terrible weather...and I want to wear a dress!!! Oh, wait, now I have boots so its ok!! Yey!
Luckily I have waterproofed them already.
The last presents are being wrapped and decisions made as to who will get what.  I don't usually have any problems deciding what to give people, but this year I was really happy to discover so many lovely things. I spent an hour yesterday going through all the site names that I had jotted down from the magazines, deciding which to keep and which to pass ( the expensive ones got ignored!) and am pleased with my select few. I especially love the 'notonthehighstreet' and 'dotcomgiftshop' sites! Fabulous, darling! Next year................well, I have more places to browse now shall we say?

One of the most important little tasks in December is always the transfer of information from one diary to another. I don't have anything other than a diary for my handbag and one for by the computer, but they are my' hard drive storage' and I would be lost with out them. Nothing electrical or fancy - but I do like to have the same one every year qua format, just with different pictures!! Tim gave me one for my handbag so it is a change from the usual but it is a nice one too. A 'keep calm & carry on' one! Was he hinting at something?!
Sue xx

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