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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Feeling better

possibly - I think Genghis is feeling a tad more lively today. He came upstairs, he tried some cat biscuits and he has eaten some Turkey; all very good signs I think. We just gave him a shot of medicine in his mouth which shocked the poor boy somewhat, but it is worth seeing if it helps with whatever it is that is bothering him.

Today I took all the decorations down again. I hate having them up once Christmas has passed. I like things to return to normal and prepare for the coming year. It takes a while to lose that Christmassy look around the house, it all seems so bare by comparison, but it is Christmas Past already, and we can look forward to next year and all being here together.

Last night we had a go with my little portable printer. It worked fine but I need to discover how to place the photo correctly to prevent the chopping off of heads!! Colour etc is fine, so I am eager to print out all the Christmas photos and complete the mini album I started. Something to look forward to tomorrow morning.

Friends coming on Friday evening for supper so that is a wonderful reason to cook something different!
I want to start tomorrow so my thinking cap is going on and I am flipping through my cookery books with pleasure once again.

Stil to face the ironing....................there's a lot of it so that is what is keeping me from attacking it I suppose. Ah well, won't get done on its own I suppose...........
Sue xx

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