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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Back home again.

Its good to be home again but I thoroughly enjoyed my brief visit to my daughter and her partner in Stafford. The weather was not nice- pretty much the same as here really - but it was not snowing and not freezing and there were no problems apart from when I arrived at the airport. Becci was trying frantically to get in touch with me to say that there were no trains to Stafford so she was not there to meet me. She was trying to take the bus to Lichfield so I caught two trains to there, and eventually we did meet one another at the bus station, both even arriving at the same time! It was a long day travelling, but in the afternoon we popped into Stafford and the shopping spree started!! I have to say that we were both really good at sticking to our budgets (Ric) and only bought what we couldn't live without! And guess what; I even found a pair of fantastic boots in the sale at Trentham Gardens Moshulu outlet THAT FIT !!!! I am delighted and since it is the first time in roughly 25 years since I have bought a pair, I think I can safely say it is a proper treat for myself this time. They are so comfortable I don't want to take them off! I managed to do all the request shopping for friends back here as well, so when it came to packing my suitcases again - I was very unsure about the weight of them. I squeezed in with 1 kilo to spare! Thank goodness KLM has a generous baggage allowance. Means they win hands down over BMI baby every time!
Here are some of my photos:
Becci & Ric at the airport when I was leaving.

Me & my girl.

Miss Indianna Jones ( Indie)

Master Heathcliff Arthur Foster (Heathcliff)

Sitting in my suitcase...

Becci wearing my camp blanket, now hers of course!

Ric, Becci, Janette & Stephen.

I do like to collect the Christmas magazines each year, and this time I had a surprise when I was walking round Sainsburys - a Prima Christmas edition! Reading the editors blurb I realised that the last time they had printed their special edition was over 10 years ago - and she wrote that she thought many readers would still have that copy..................yes I do!!!

Absolutely delighted still by the 1998 one, and use so many of its recipes each year for our Christmas dinner, and the crafts and ideas in this years edition are equally as useful and great to have for the future.
I've just been sitting downstairs with my coffee selecting ones that I'd like Tim to look at and decide with me just which ones we actually can agree on. It's more a case of us wanting to do too many, and struggling to make a choice than that we are miles apart in our choices. Anyway, I had a wonderful time and am so happy I decided it would be good for me to go. Next year they are coming here!!!
Sue xx

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