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Saturday, 24 December 2011

The day before the day...........

is all about shopping, cooking, last minute jobs, listening to carols, watching films, and generally getting ready!!! So what have I done so far this morning?......................
seeing the tulips starting to fill out

Seeing the cats loving their Christmas present!!!

Adding the last decoration to the top of the tree

Starting off the Bread Sauce

Breadcrumbs for the sauce!
Orange and White Chocolate Mousse Cake for in the freezer!
All in all I am satisfied with the way things are going. Tim is still not home having started in the bakery at 1a.m - it now being 12.30.......so I am anticipating an extremely tired young man home this afternoon. He worked over 12 hours yesterday, and long days since Monday and his mood was not getting any better last night!! He did get some cash though, which was really nice of his placement as the kids don't get anything for all they do when they are in school. He can save it towards Sweden!!!
Finka has taken a dislike to my CD of  Carols and departed as fast as her long legs could carry her when I put it on this morning! Genghis is too worn out to even think about moving from his soft spot on the radiator...........I am still worrying about him.

Last night I stayed up late (for me), and watched The Nativity on BBC 2 which I loved and laughed at. Then it was The Miracle on 34th Street of course, which is a must at Christmas, so all that is left is to find something for this evening, continue with the dinner preparations, bring out the presents once Tim is in bed.............put out the sherry and mince pie for Father Christmas...............and wait.
Sue xx

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