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Monday, 12 December 2011

Strictly speaking...

we are pleased with the semi-final results last night, and happy that Chelsee, Harry and Jason are through to the final this coming Saturday. I am off to Ann's to watch it there, and make a nice evening of it. I want Harry to win. Or Chelsee if he doesn't, and Jason as third. Simple. These are my choices!!
We are getting off to a slow start this morning. Tim seems reluctant to go to school (what's new?) and I am up because his clothes needed ironing for baking. Otherwise I was still sound asleep. This week is always the one where you feel that time is running away with you and the cards and presents need to be in the post already and the menu planning well underway if not decided, and the last minute wrapping under control etc. I am not quite there! The ones to the UK and other far-flungcorners MUST go this week. So I have to make decisions and get off to the post office this afternoon really . . . . . tomorrow I am at the centre's Christmas Lunch and Wednesday at my friend Ineke's, so two days away. C'mon Suzanne! Get on with it!
I am also going to diet strictly up until Christmas Eve, since being in England for even a few days hit my waistline quite hard!!

I was rummaging around in my cupboard yesterday and sought out my previous December Daily albums. I like to have them in the room downstairs during the run-up. I am busy with this years but won't be adding the photos until I have taken them all - and Father Christmas has delivered!! There might be something really useful in his sack this year!! I don't do the whole month, like Ali Edwards, however I do like to keep a record of how we do things here every year. There will be some photos that capture the same activities year in year out, and then there are others which are new. All in all, it is a lovely reminder in the end, of another years ending. I will add them to my post later on.
Sue xx

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