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Sunday, 18 December 2011

BBC Christmas

So Harry and Aliona won last night as we watched and cheered!! It was a tremendous end to this series and well deserved winners too.

Merlin was also the series finale last night but it is a two-parter and we are struggling with the idea that we are going to have to wait a whole year to see how it ends!!! Cool series, for young and old alike.

And I was just browsing the new-look youtube and came across this Christmas programme:- The Borrowers. I used to love these books as a child, and I do remember a very good series that the Beeb made one year . . . .this one looks like an equally good modern take on it, so I hope to watch it soon. There is Great Expectations as well - what is Christmas without Dickens? (though I am personally not a huge fan) and James Herriot - all the old favourites given a re-make. I am totally looking forward to Absolutely Fabulous as even their trailer has me in stitches!!
But today belongs to Sherlock as Tim and I are going to see the new film this evening.  It is our December treat to one another since it is still a while before The Hobbit, next on our list!!

Tim made excellent mince pies again yesterday - the pastry is ever so crumbly!! There is quite a bit left over so I plan to use it up tomorrow with some little buns etc, with a christmassy feel to them. Just need to see whether I still have some almonds lurking in the drawer.
Sue xx

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