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Sunday, 2 October 2011

What a weekend so far!!

If ever there was a weekend when every hour counted, it is this one!! I have SO much to do and a limited amount of time to do it in so I am squeezing this post in because I still have ten minutes to spare before it's 8am and I can start painting in the living room again!! Just waiting for the light, honey!
As I lay there in bed around 6am it occurred to me that by getting up and doing the ironing it would ease the stress on Monday morning when I have now got a day's work instead of a day off, so a pat on the back for me for doing that!! Yesterday I started on the first half of the wall in the living room, because I hate the disruption of a totally messy room, and prefer to do the first half and put everything back before starting again. Especially when it involves the bookcases being emptied!! So I made a start for an hour, got distracted by someone coming round which was far pleasanter of course, did get another rod in the kitchen fitted at the same time, and finally around 1.30pm returned to my painting. I almost succeeded in completing the second coat but the light disappeared and it was not practical to continue. In between all this I made a delicious Plum & Cheesecake Traybake, dinner, washing got hung up etc and my multi-tasking skills were fully tested I can tell you! There was time to collapse in front of Strictly (go Jason!!), do the washing up during Dr. Who (sacrilege Becci, sorry) so that there was sufficient energy left over for the start of Merlin. Phew!!!
And today: ironing, posting, painting, singing in Enkhuizen this afternoon, over to a friend for dinner and then - ta ra!!!!! Phantom this evening- can't wait!!!
Tomorrow will be work and shopping and making beds etc as on Tuesday Jackie arrives - and somewhere in the middle of all this I am supposed to have stripped the paper off the landing . . . . oops, not looking so good for that!!
Sue xx

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