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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Strictly disappointing!

Having just watched the results show I am disappointed that Nancy has not gone this week either! I really do feel she is the least impressive contestant, and deserves to leave the show. Pity about Dan but I was not a fan of his either if true be known. I think it is pretty obvious who I personally prefer!!! It was such a brilliant routine for Jason and his partner - Christina choreographed their tango superbly well. It was such fun to watch, and I think that is the key for Russell as well. Ah well, Ann and I will just have to wait another week to see whether she goes then or not....

The weather today was lovely although I was not outside to enjoy it. It has been a pyjama day for me!!! Feeling a little under the weather so decided to stay indoors and laze around instead. Tim finally swung into action and did his room as his friend Chris is visiting tomorrow - yes, its half term this week! He also made some Chocolate Caramel Shortbread which we all know is pretty sweet and tasty. Strange thing though, the white chocolate wouldn't melt properly - no reason I could see for it - so he had to abandon the extra flourish he had thought of for the topping. Just wondering whether there will be any left by the time I get home from work tomorrow? Two lads in the house all day, along? Don't rate my chances that highly!

The weather forecast is for a cold snap to blow over from England in the next few days. Hard to think that winter is on its way; seems like only yesterday it was still summer. But the clocks go back this month, and we are turning our thoughts to Christmas. I even wrapped my first few presents today!!!
I am trying to be ultra-resource conscious this year and using every leftover scrap from my cards to make present labels etc. It is actually quite a nice thing to do - and I am enjoying being far more thrifty than ever before. I have also started on my felt birds and leaves  - not sure what to actually make with them but even if it is not the banner in the book, they will definitely become something else equally charming! The first red bird and first green leaf are already stitched my friends!
Sue xx

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