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Monday, 31 October 2011

In memorium

Sir Jimmy Saville died this week. He was a true icon in our pop history and a proper gentleman from Yorkshire. I met him actually. Many years ago I lived in Shropshire and was a member of the local Young Farmers Club where I lived. We did a lot of fund raising activities over the years, including for Stoke Mandeville Hospital for Spinal Injuries. A group of us went down to Stoke Mandeville to present our cheque to Jimmy, and it was a very special occasion. There were photos but I unfortunately don't have one any more. Just hearing about his death made me think of this again - an almost forgotten episode in my memory - but it just goes to show that it is never lost completely. He was a total enigma in many ways - always Jimmy Saville, and listening to them talking about it on the radio at the moment, it was that eccentricity that made him so special. A unique individual and a sad loss.
Sue xx

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