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Monday, 31 October 2011


and its the 1st of November tomorrow!!! Just two more months of the year to go and it has simply speed by this time. Could it be true that time really flies the older you get?!

In the paper this morning I was reading about the eulogy Steve Jobs sister gave at his funeral. She said his last words were "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow" whilst he looked beyond his family into the distance. I wonder what he saw? Whatever it was, it obviously held no fear for him, instead a sense of wonder and excitement about what lay ahead. A remarkable man indeed.

So making every day count is well worth remembering!! We never get our time back, we can never retrace our steps, we can never undo what is done, so the only thing left is to move forward with all the positivity we can muster!! (tell that to me later when I have wrestled with my crochet once again!!)

I like the look of this film - see trailer - which is about the secret resistance force Churchill established in 1944. One morning the women in a Welsh valley woke up to find all their husbands were gone. Churchill was preparing for any future German occupation apparently . . .It is based on a true story and has Michael Sheen in it which bodes well. This is definitely one for me and Tim!!!

Ah well, think I had better return to my Monday housekeeping before I get too settled down in here!!!
Sue xx

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