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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mammoth card-making week!!

This week I am making 25 Thank You cards for Emma and her new husband so instead of thinking Christmas constantly I am enjoying doing something different. It's actually quite difficult making one design 25 times - well for me, anyway. Usually I do one card, one design, and then do something else with the next one, so this is a concentrated effort on my part to reproduce/clone my original thought so many times!! I took my inspiration from the wedding photo Emma sent me: the colours and her being Scottish an' all. So my cards are the colours of heather as well as the kilt her husband was wearing, and the design vaguely reminiscent of thistles etc. . . well, as far as my imagination goes anyhow!!! I will take a photo when there is better light as it is getting late and I am almost ready for beddibyes. The greatest fear I have is that when I post them off to her, and she opens the envelope, she won't like them!!!!

At work the Christmas card-making continues but this time for our centre's shop. We had so many punched out circles and stars etc over that I have been designing cards using only these products. It was fun!!! They look good and the clients can help with them all so that is what really matters. And when I am not there they now have plenty of ideas to adapt and create even more. I think once I have made my other orders and then our own, I will just about be done with Christmas cards for this year!!!
Sue xx

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