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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Ever have the feeling that there are all these different sides to you that you can turn to when faced with choices that have too many different outcomes?
I do!
And I suppose that is why this blog has the title it deserves, since there are so many paths we can choose and each one will result in a different destination.

I thought this about myself this evening:-
"there is a realist in me that knows. An optimist in me that hopes. A dreamer that wishes magnificent things. A heart that beats with love." I would have to add that there is also a doubter that fears, if I were being truly honest, but then who hasn't got one?! It has to do with which one you chose to listen to at any given moment, and which one ends up being the strongest and most persistent voice of all.
Am I a realist? Not often.
An optimist then? Undoubtedly.
Dreamer? Most of the time!
Romantic? Without question.
Doubter, sceptic, well, they are in the mix that is for sure, but they don't get to come to the party too often thank goodness. If they did, I would live my life so differently, be someone I am not, miss out on all the emotions that travel side by side with my sensitivity and never take a risk again. Imagine never being able to fly again?....or to know what it feels like to walk on air....I simply wouldn't want to live like that. Do you?
Sue xx

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