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Sunday, 30 October 2011


and did you remember to change your clocks? "Spring forward; fall backward" is how I always learnt it!!
This morning I managed to stay asleep for quite a while as a result, but I suppose it was the normal length of time really. I was tired from too many nights dreaming and not enough deep sleep. I continue with my struggle to learn to crochet, but I did find an easier youtube video and have managed to get as far as the third round!!! Then it all started to look rather messy and I have temporarily stopped trying for this morning.
Instead I found huge blackberries at the supermarket and am going to make a Blackberry & Apple Crumble for dinner! My ultimate and all time favourite dessert, let me tell you, with custard!! TIm has his friend Chris here gaming so I think two hungry boys to feed calls for such warming fare. And I am just spending the day crafting as I want to free up some time soon to start my essay. Have to!! Karen comes over on the 12th so I must have something to share before then....probably she will be finished.

Also came across this film trailer which I would like to see if it comes out here - 25th November in the UK so maybe even not until 2012 here I imagine:- RESISTANCE.

And I was astonished by the amazing preview of what the Queens Armada will turn out to look like on June 3rd 2012!! A sight worth seeing indeed. It is one of the highlights of Her Majesty's Golden Jubilee 4 day celebration, and it was incredible to see the artists impression of it on The Thames. Must make a note that I want to watch BBC on those days!!  I think I am having my annual period of homesickness actually. Hits me every winter when we are getting closer to Christmas, and I wish I was at home. It sort of creeps up on me each year, and even though I am trying to temper it with the knowledge of our holiday next spring, in Cornwall, it is still a yearning in my soul for something I can't find here. So I may feel a little somber at times, sorry.
Sue xx

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