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Monday, 31 October 2011

My Christmas Card Sampler

So I might not have done my crochet but I did find out how to make this sampler on the internet and voila!!! Here are some of my cards to date. It is really interesting to see how my ideas change as I look at which ones I did first, what I am enjoying doing now, and what I have got in mind for the next batch. I have always loved making only one of each design, but just sometimes I  make one I really love, and then I make two!!! :-) I hope you like seeing them but please, don't use them for your own personal gain, just as inspiration for your own pleasure. Ideas are free, but stealing someone else's imagination is really cheap.
Sue xx

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silverpebble said...

What lovely Christmas cards. I especially like the one in the bottom left. Thanks so much for joining in with Making Winter.