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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Time for some photos!!

Scaredy Cat!!!

 The cats simply hate the sight of the hoover coming out of the cupboard and run every which way they can to avoid being anywhere near it when I am busy. Yesterday Genghis decided that hiding in my huge cupboard in the snug, on top of soft curtains, was the safest place to run to! He must have leapt up onto the ironing board and then climbed into the shelf space which is high off the ground to say the least, so desperate was he to avoid the hoover!! For an old boy he did well!!!
Teeny tiny workspace.
Right behind where I sit at the computer is a very small workspace for my crafting work. As you can see it gets a little over crowded at times!! I was not in the mood to sit and absorb telly last night, so decided to get busy with the Christmas Cards  I am committed to making this year. Last year was the first time in ages that I didn't make many, so I am determined to make up for that this time around. I love these new papers from My Minds Eye called the 12 days of Christmas. The smaller paper pads are perfect for making cards as there is so much less wastage and it is more manageable when you have limited room to stack them up. I am a traditionalist in as much as I prefer the reds and greens associated with Christmas, and tend to stick within this range of colours for most of my Christmas crafting. I was delighted to see some really useful paper in the Aldi yesterday that is perfect for stamping over and wrapping parcels! So much more personal and so much cheaper so good all round. I bought a silver and a kraft coloured roll so that is me done I guess. Ah, just wondering when Tim Holtz will let it be known whether he is making his famous Tags this year or not . . . .

I've been awake for a full hour now this morning - bah! I hate the 4am alarm clock that Tim sets off!!! I never seen able to get back to sleep after he goes to work, and then I get a headache later in the day which results in me being cranky before bedtime which means I go to bed too early to fall asleep quickly which means I lie awake for ages which means I do lots of dreaming which means I actually get less quality sleep which means I am tired again the following morning . . . you get my drift??!!!!
Sue xx

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