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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Post-related photos

My well-worn copy about to be dusted off and used again this year!

One of the 15!!!

How to use what little space I have in my tiny snuggery when I'm busy!!!

The glitter was drying so had to spread them everywhere!!

I work in this mini space...but its enough actually. S'pose...

My cards are clean and simple designs such as this one this year.

Since I am not sleeping well this week here I am early Saturday morning, blogging!! It's just turned 7am. The light was not great for taking these photos but sometimes it is the peace and quiet of the moment that needs taking advantage of, right? It's dark outside, but not wet. There is the promise of 11C and a nice day to come. Also coffee and Apple Crumble Cake when Ann comes later on!! Tim is ordering it from his bakery along with his three favourite loaves of bread which I am assigned to collecting at 9 o'clock! The first few hours of my weekend are pretty much covered then!!  In my head, jumbled around with the usual weekend chores, are thoughts about my felt project, and the ever-increasing desire to learn to crotchet. Yes, crotchet!! I want to make a blanket for our cats primarily but also for us. There is a book winging its way tomorrow, with 'how to' instructions in it, so all I need to do then, is find the right wool. Probably harder than it sounds since decent wool shops are hard to find. There is one in Hoorn and since I want to go there next Monday it will be my first port of call. Logic behind all this is that if I give myself something to do of an evening whilst watching some telly, I will stay up longer and increase my ability to fall asleep when I get into bed. Plus it is another creative craft I am finally ready to learn. Always hard when you are left-handed like me 'cos no-one wants to teach you!! I just didn't get it when I was younger, despite having a mother and sister that made it look so easy. Same as with knitting. I learnt that when I went to college and decided that I needed to know something about it so that when patients asked me to pick up stitches for them, I would know how to do that!! It is a skill I still need even today, in my work, so time to advance onto another wool-related hobby!!
What ever you all are doing this weekend, enjoy it. Its chance to relax and take time for yourselves.
Sue xx


Anonymous said...

Es un auténtico placer pasear por tus letras que son de una riqueza exquisita y me siento muy afortunado por haberte encontrado en este mágico mundo.

Te dejo un abrazo desde Jaen sur de España con todo mi cariño

Suzanne said...

muchas gracias por tu mensaje muy amable y atento! Yo lo traduje porque quería saber lo que me dijo, de Jaén. Valió la pena el esfuerzo!