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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Still debating whether

or not to see The 3 Musketeers in 3D This weekend. Tim and I were not hugely impressed by the 3D glasses when we saw the final Harry Potter and since this movie is only being shown in 3D, we are not yet sure whether to go and see it or not. The plus side: we are both fans of swashbuckling movies!! And this looks like a good version of a very old tale. The down side: wearing those silly glasses and feeling horrible once we come out!! And the price is more. SO, what to do? Let you know after the weekend!!!

This morning we are going to the hairdressers so there is the promised cake cooling downstairs as I type. Tim missed his appointment last week so his penance is a cake for our hairdresser!! I made the Lemon Drizzle Cake as it is simple, delicious, and great with coffee!! Hope they enjoy it. It smelt so good I am thinking of making another one for Saturdays coffee guest!

I made 25 Happy New Year cards yesterday for the order I have been working on. I used the same design on all of them as I have made completely different Christmas card designs to accompany them. I just love the string of lights stamps from Papertrey as they were perfect for seeing in the New Year!! Look so festive and fun with their coloured lights shining across the front. I am thinking about where on earth I last saw my special stuff for making them shiny - can't even remember what it is  called but will know it when I find it, stuff - as that would look amazing too. Hey ho, maybe I am going to HAVE to tackle all those boxes in the attic if I really want to find more stash for my room?!!!
Sue xx

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