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Sunday, 23 October 2011

the handiness of other peoples hobbies!!

I read several blogs over in the UK on a regular basis, and find the most useful information on a range of subjects, so where did I turn to this morning in my quest for wool?? THE QUINCE TREE blog! Sue is making a very pretty blanket using granny squares so I reasoned that her choice of wool would be good for me as well. Search....search... and I came up with the Debbie Bliss Cotton wool on the Cabbage patch site. With a sale on!!! Even better!! So I have chosen colours I like rather than anything else, with the future bedroom make-over in mind (of course) and just need to buy a crochet hook this week and I can prepare myself for this new challenge in my crafty existence!! You can tell the winter is approaching with all this hibernating activity happening!! I took the chairs and the cushions in from the garden yesterday as well, and have only got to buy some potting compost for the bulbs, and the garden will be preparing to sleep for the coming months. My wish for a tree is now a wish for spring, but it remains in my mind, and I will get one in 2012!! Too cold now to plant any trees successfully.

I received a lovely comment on my post yesterday, which I have replied to as I rarely receive them, and I was delighted by this one!! I used the google translator to read it, and write back, so I really hope I got it right!? It was most thoughtfully sent to me.

This afternoon we are going to the flicks!! The aversion to 3D glasses has been overcome. Til then it is another lazy Sunday thank goodness!
Sue xx

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