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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Delia's recipe

for homemade mincemeat for our Mince Pies is in the oven this morning!! I am making my own for the first time ever, but it is SO simple; why have I never done it before???? Thanks to Ann and Jackie we have the shredded suet required to make it, so I was weighing and chopping earlier this morning, before going out for the Brandy....only the best comes in small bottles apparently!! So this will be top of the range mincemeat, dear!!! It takes 3 hours to cook, basting as you go, so the kitchen smells divine right now. A real scent of what's to come! Tim has asked to cook the dinner with me this year so he can learn how to do it before he leaves home in the next few years. I'm pleased about it really as he has clear views on what we will eat, and what he prefers, but NO IDEA of the work it all involves!!!

Yesterday at work we carried on with our card making and now more clients are joining in. They are creating their own designs too, which is super, so the variety of cards is growing. We are lucky inasmuch as the local people are very supportive of our little shop and will come along and buy cards and other items on a regular basis. And I have sold the first cards to Ann!!!

Today I am free so it is a chance to catch up here in the home. Not that I am a huge fan of housework but it has to be done and there are no fairies living here as far as I am aware!!! I am determined to enjoy the whole day, what ever it brings.
Sue xx

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