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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lovely to just sit!!

This past week my friend Jackie has been visiting so that we could decorate the stairs and landing amongst other things, so the awful weather was perfect for staying at home and papering!! Having checked the weather forecast we decided to start off the week with a visit to Zwolle, which was a nice town but I still prefer Deventer if  I am honest. It has a nicer centre especially in the summer months when the terraces are all full. Then she heard that her father was in hospital which threw our plans into disarray for a while since she might have needed to suddenly return home; but fortunately he is better than we first feared, and she was able to stay until this morning. We have been to Alkmaar too, and unbeknown to us it was some sort of festival to celebrate 150 years of freedom after the Spanish Wars?..seems it takes place on 8th October each year, and we happened upon it this time around! Anyway it made it interesting for Jackie too. I did plenty of window shopping and was my usual 'personal shopper' as we went round all the shops together. Another boost for the Dutch economy!! In between we did do the wallpapering even up the steep stairway which was an effort but with Tim's long arms we managed to reach even the highest corners. It looks so much better already even though it is only the paper that requires painting later on. Amazing amount of paste was necessary but fingers crossed it is now stuck firmly down for ever and ever and ever. Probably!!
We four girls also went to see One Day at the cinema. I agree with my daughter that the book is heaps more interesting and makes a lot more sense than the film. Having read it I had the advantage but if you did not know anything about the story it could be difficult piecing it all together properly. Won't tell you about the ending!!! But yes, tissues were handy to have with us.

Since taking Jackie to the station early this morning I have embarked on a much needed autumn clean up in my study. I have done all the administration and filed the lot!! I have cleaned out more scrap stash in order to focus on my card making for Christmas. I have possibly also got an order to make 21 thank you cards for one of my study mates who just got married recently. The designs are running around in my head right now as I think out what might be nice and more importantly re-producable 21 times!!!! I have completed the 700 cards for work so they can go in tomorrow and the clients can make a start on the second batch. I'm not sure I would offer to do it all again but it was good to know I can do it if required, right?

And I got the first comment back about my essay . . . thanks Kiki!!! :-)  Just the important mark to come now . .
Right now  it is just after three in the wet and rainy afternoon and I am thinking happy thoughts about the leftover Chicken and Apple Crumble that we are having later on!! Then its back on the diet folks! A much needed strict regime for a few weeks wouldn't go amiss.
Sue xx

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