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Friday, 21 October 2011

A funny thing happened...

You know those adverts for a certain male deo, that depict women running after the male etc??? A strange thing happened to me this morning at work, nothing along those lines but a similar attraction took place I guess: there we were, innocently drinking our first coffee of the day, waiting as clients were arriving etc, when a young man suddenly appeared in our kitchen. He totally ignored everyone else except me, and seemed as though he knew me from somewhere else.....he wanted to buy a sack of wood....but only if I sold it to him apparently!!! I toddled off, took his money, had a chat, and he was gone. My colleague asked me how I knew him:- " never seen him before " I replied. It was so strange really, one of those odd moments you have unexpectedly, and with no obvious sense to it. Maybe he thought I was someone else???
The rest of the week has passed slowly, with me being incredibly tired most days, and only feeling happy some of the time, yet here we are at another weekend already. I was in Ikea in Amsterdam yesterday, along with hoards of other people with  nothing else to do during half term, considering it was pouring down with rain most of the day, and kids adore their meatballs and chips, getting the shelf for over the doorframe between the living room and kitchen. This is our on-going project; to complete the bookcases, and we are finally heading towards getting it done! I know there will have to be some tweaking but the vision in my head is still strong and I know it will be good when we get it all in place, so please let there be time for it soon!!! And I think I bought the right ceiling attachment for the new lamp I bought in Zwolle - so roll on DIY day!!! " You know it makes sense. " ( or is that a different catchphrase)?

Strictly tomorrow. Can Jason do it again????? Will Nancy finally go? What hairdo will Robbie chose?
Will Artem smile? . . . I'll be watching, won't you?!
Sue xx

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