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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November 1st.

I have been busy with my crocheting today. It is absorbing now I have got the hang of it (I think!). Ann is coming round to give me advice tomorrow evening. I'm not making the squares that large because it is going to be (yes, I am now more confident!) a little throw for Finka to sleep under this winter. At the moment she dives under the quilt and sleeps there for as long as possible or until discovered. She is a cat that requires copious amounts of heat!!! Anyway, I am enjoying it. It makes a change from my card making although when my Washi Tape arrived this morning I did do a little dance of happiness!! Not quite sure how I am going to incorporate on with my cards but pretty parcels are a definite yes this year! I love the stitched effect roll. Still waiting more and more impatiently for the Royal Mail to hop over the water with my package from the Ribbongirl . . . seems to be going via China.

So I have decided to join in with the Winter bloghop over at Silverpebble. Since I am a winter lover and she is the opposite, I thought it might be fun to participate. Brings me a little closer to home seeing the beauty of the English landscape etc. I tried a new soup recipe today as well (bored, me?) but I am undecided as to whether I like the taste or not. It is Curried Apple and Carrot Soup, from a recipe by Lavender & Lovage on her foodie blog. Don't think it is one I will do again however. Still soup is great for my diet so I will be testing out others!

Suddenly it had turned dark and not even 6pm. Time for dinner and pyjamas!!
Sue xx


Penny said...

I love carrot and coriander soup but I imagine carrot and apple could be overly sweet. Enjoy your crochet, it's an ideal Winter pursuit!
Penny (Planet Penny)

Suzanne said...

Hi Penny, yes, me too to the carrot and coriander and yes, it is too sweet for my taste so think the rest is headed for the freezer!! Suzannex

Mrs. Micawber said...

Hello! Hopped over via Silverpebble's bloghop. I'm participating in Making Winter as well. Where I live winter can last quite a long time so I need all the help I can get enjoying it.

Somehow fruity soups don't appeal to me either. Carrot, yes. Apple? Not for me.

Good luck with your crocheting! I'm crocheting a scarf right now as I read blog posts.

driftwood said...

thanks for visiting, and for your kind comment about my mitts. love that you are crocheting a blanket for your cat, my cats Love crochet x

Karen S Booth said...

I am so sorry that the soup disappointed! It went down a storm at home when I made it, but then everyone has different tastes...however, thanks for trying the soup, maybe there is another soup recipe that might ease you through the winter!
Lovely to discover your blog, a friend told me about you trying the soup, so I popped over to see you and what you thought of it.
Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

Karen S Booth said...

PS: I am also participating in Making Winter, such a wonderful season......