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Saturday, 19 November 2011

What a result!!

Last nights total for Children in Need was 24 million pounds. Incredible!! Well done to the whole country for supporting this charity once again this year!!

The weekend has arrived and I have plenty to do! Mostly practical things today, including taking my car for its winter check-up at the garage. Since its free it would be foolish not to take up the chance to find out if everything is still hunky dory with Sooty. One would assume it is since I only bought her this year and if the mechanics did a good job then, there didn't ought to be something wrong now, just a few months later, right?! The good thing about the check is that it comes with a 3 month guarantee for all the stuff they check today, and that is what I want for over this winter!

Yesterday I made the Chocolate Rum Cake and got it in the freezer for Christmas and New Year. I am toying with the Whiskey Cake, on a small scale, as it feels so strange not baking a Creole Cake this year. Ineke has got hers on the go, and that set me off wanting to have that wonderful smell in our kitchen too!! But Tim is no fan of fruit cake and icing and it would be a waste really . . . so maybe one to gift to someone is the next best thing? Guess so!

I also need to get up into the attic today and search out my old Guide Camp Blanket. I know roughly which box its in, and I am going to give it to my daughter to use for her own guiding experiences. She has just got her first badge!!! I am really pleased I can pass it on to her as it has so many memories stitched onto it, and it is still in perfect condition after all these years. A bit heavy for the suitcase but hey ho, I am happy to carry it to her.  I'll need to explain a lot of stuff on that blanket if she is going to know its history!!
Sue xx

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