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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Well behaved children

Last night was St. Maarten here in Holland. Children go round the houses with lanterns and sing songs in exchange for sweeties!!! I have to compliment the children here - they all came between 6 and 7pm, sang their songs in various degrees of enthusiasm, and not one single child took more than their share of the goodies!! It was refreshing to see such good manners  - gosh, I'm sounding like a real oldie!! but even my son was impressed. He was happy that so many sweets were left over but I suspect not for long!! He is unlikely to be so polite . . . .on the other hand, having such temptation in the house is not good for my will power!!! Diet is going well still, and my trousers are looking decidedly baggier already. Just two more kilos and my nice jeans will do up again!!! I need to be in my winter trousers soon as poss. Buying new is not an option right now, and if I were to buy anything it would have to be slippers. Boy, are my feet cold!!! I have a pair of house socks that I bought in M&S one visit, but they are best for in bed . . in the absence of a hot water bottle that is. At the moment I trudge around in them indoors but by the time I get into bed I have ice blocks on the end of my legs!!! Takes the whole night to warm them up. So priority = slippers.

The weekend promises to be nice weather so it is time to plant my bulbs. I only have a few but they need  to go in now. I am thinking pots but there is space in the borders otherwise. And I really ought to tidy up the front too. In my head I am thinking ' when can I get the decorations down from the attic '..yes, my Christmas head is on!!! I went for a smooch around the garden centre the other day and was dismayed to find that they had nothing I wanted to add to our collection this year!! I found it disappointing to be truthful. Since we don't really need anything............probably a good thing, but I have seen some lights in M&S that I covert. They are BEAUTIFUL!! On the list!!!

The countdown has begun.
Sue xx

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