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Sunday, 20 November 2011

There's Whiskey in the jar-o

I think that's a line from a Thin Lizzy song . . . which was in my head when I woke up this morning, having started our Whiskey Christmas Cake off yesterday! Traditionally today is known as Stir-up Sunday, because ( and I bet you didn't know this!) it is the last Sunday before Advent, and the day to stir up your Christmas Pudding! I have not made one this year but I am counting the cake as my stirring activity for this time around! It made the whole house smell of Christmas yesterday which I absolutely adore. Light the scented candles and stock up on the sherry, Christmas is a-coming!!! My favourite time of year, I admit it.

This morning the mist is back with a vengeance and the world outside is invisible right now. So it's lemon tea and warming up the radiator in my snug is taking a tad too long. No way am I taking a shower until my towels are hot! Luckily we don't need to venture out until the afternoon so my intention is to take it easy this morning and focus on creating the 15 Christmas cards for Astrid one of my colleagues at work. It's quite a challenge as she has provided me with red and blue cards of a smaller size than the square ones I prefer to use. I did three last night so the rest today and tomorrow I think.

I took advantage of the free winter check-up at the garage yesterday - and have got water in my brake system!! I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry and know it's there before there is a heavy frost and my brakes seize and I have a major expense on my hands. So no frost please until the end of the month!!! I am pleased I took the time to go there so next year I will be back for that cappuccino and apple cake!!!!
Sue xx

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